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Map AdrenalinRace 2011

Просмотреть Адреналин 2011 на карте большего размера

By your own car

First you should drive to Moscow. Then the road M2 Moscow - Rostov. Before Rostov keep way to Krasnodar. Near Krasnodar keep way to Novorossijsk or Dzhubga. In Dzhubga you should choose Sochi. In Sochi keep way to Adler and then to Veseloe (it is the Russian-Abkhasian border). In Veseloe you cross the border (you should have double Russian visa and a permission to drive to Abkhasia). After you cross the border you should drive in the direction to Sukhum (it is the only road) about 30 km. After Gagra it will be the right cross to Pitsunda. You keep the main road to Sukhum. After 2 or 4 km turn right to lake Ritsa.
On the roadway gate say the number of your car (you should be in free of charge list if you are registered beforehead).
Go straight till the Gega and Bzyb confluence. Turn right to the bridge. The competition camp is right there on the left side of Gega.

Where to eat on the road?

There are some reliable places where to eat on the road to Abkhazia. It is a good road from the Russian border to Moscow. There are many good places to eat. But please do it beyond 300 km before Moscow.

First good place to eat after Moscow is near Tula. It is about 300 km further. Then you can see cafe Airplane (it is a real airplane on the left side of the road) – 400 km.

There are some good places 100 km before Rostov. And after that there is only one place in Kushevskaya (100 km after Rostov). Then there are some places in Goryachij klyuch. It is the place after Krasnodar. And after that there are a lot of places on the seaside, after Dzhubga.


You can buy some food in a big supermarkets on the road. First of all it is Auchan near Rostov. Slow down and keep right when you see a big junction before Rostov. Turn right to the direction guide “МЕГА”.

Another supermarket is “ЛЕНТА” in Krasnodar. It is just on the road on the right side.
You can use your credit card in LENTA, but not in Auchan.

By public transport

Flight to Moscow. Then go to Adler by plane, by railway or by public bus (1700 km). Then use a fixed-run taxi to get to the border. Cross the border (you have to have double Russian visa and Abkhazian permission). Then use the fixed-run taxi to get to the turn to lake Ritsa. If you gave notice you could be met by the organizers from this turn or from the border.

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